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Of Stripper Poles and Go Go Boxes

Take your party to the next level with stripper poles and go-go boxes, both available as part of our portfolio of Las Vegas furniture rentals available at 24SevenProductions. As if you didn’t know, Las Vegas is the go-go dancer and showgirl capital of the world! As a matter of fact, the word “showgirl” itself is synonymous with Las Vegas nightlife and productions. So who in Las Vegas is the go-to source for showgirls, stripper poles and go-go boxes? That would be 24seven Productions of course.

What goes into great stripper poles? Stripper poles can be made of polished stainless steel, chromed steel, brass, and titanium. Some stripper poles are also made of acrylic glass which allows use of “glow poles” to allow for LED lighting effects. These materials have different gripping properties; polished steel is one of the slickest materials; brass poles provide more friction, allowing for an easier hold with hands or thighs to create slow, sensual dance style.

And if you’re going to have dancers who can get a little crazy around the stripper poles, why not include go-go boxes to create that, well, “edge” that Las Vegas is known for? Why boxes you ask? Because go-go dancers do not customarily dance in the crowd (although they can and do); they are typically found dancing higher than the clubbers. You cannot have go-go dancers without something for them to dance on, so of course they need go-go boxes.

24seven Productions is the source for go-go boxes and stripper poles in Las Vegas, to contact them please go their website, and ask about their selection of go-go boxes and stripper poles.


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